General Contractor

Price: $450.00

A General Contractor is a building contractor whose contracting business consists of the execution of contracts involving two (2) or more trades and who has the financial means, and has a qualifying agent with the experience, knowledge and skill to construct and properly supervise, direct and coordinate the construction of buildings and other structures in such a manner as to comply with all plans, specifications, codes, laws and regulations applicable and who has satisfactorily passed a general building contractors' examination. The scope of work of the general contractor shall be unlimited as to height, area and complexity of the construction such contractor undertakes. Such contractor shall sub-contract to a qualified contractor in the field concerned, all other work specified herein as being the exclusive work of a plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and liquefied petroleum gas, including the specialties and categories thereunder.

Examination Content Outline

The examination is based on trade-specific information pertaining to materials, tools, equipment, practices, terminology, and relevant laws. It is a three (3) hour, open book examination that consists of 75 questions.

Subjects No. of Items
Safety 10
Estimating and Plan Reading 14
Sitework 4
Concrete 8
Concrete Formwork 4
Concrete Reinforcement 4
Masonry 6
Structural Steel 6
Carpentry 8
Roofing 6
Associated Trades 5
Total 75

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