Journeyman General Mechanical

Price: $450.00

A General Mechanical Journeyman may only work in the employ of an General Mechanical Contractor holding a certificate of competency; to install, maintain, repair, alter or extend air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilating, boiler and unfired pressure vessel systems, and all appurtenances, apparatus or equipment used in connection therewith; also, piping, duct work, insulation of pipes, vessels and ducts, pressure and process piping, installation of chilled water lines and related work incidental thereto, pneumatic control piping, gasoline tank and pump installations

, piping for gasoline tank and pump installations, fire sprinkler systems and standpipes, air piping, vacuum line piping, oxygen lines, nitrous oxide piping, ink and chemical lines, fuel transmission lines, mechanical sections of sewage disposal and water treatment plants and installing a condensate drain from an air conditioning unit to an existing safe waste or other approved disposal other than a direct connection to a sanitary system, all in such a manner as to comply with all plans, specifications, codes, laws and regulations applicable; including any excavation work incidental thereto, such as but not limited to liquefied petroleum or natural gas fuel lines within buildings, potable water lines, or connections thereto, sanitary sewer lines, swimming pool piping and filters and electrical work; also including the work of a specialty mechanical contractor, except for elevator and transporting assembly installations.

Examination Content Outline

The examination is based on trade-specific information pertaining to materials, tools, equipment, practices, terminology, and relevant laws. It is a three (3) hour, open book examination that consists of 75 questions.

Subjects No. of Items
Code Compliance 8
Fuel Gas 5
Ductwork - Systems and Sizing 7
Load Calculations 5
Boilers 5
General 5
Maintenance and Service 10
Controls 7
Piping 8
Insulation 5
Psychometrics 5
Safety 5
Total 75

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