Price: $150.00

Flooring Contractor is qualified and certified to fabricate, repair, maintain, install and apply floor surfacing materials of ceramic tile, asphalt tile, vinyl tile, cork tile, linoleum, parquet wood, wood strip flooring or similar wearing surfaces, prefabricated or cast-in-place, to floor decks constructed and provided by others.

Experience requirement as a prerequisite to issuance of certificate shall be one (1) year.


1. Personal Application.

    a. Personal Credit Report
    b. Notarize
    c. Complete paperwork

2. Business Application

    a. Corporate Credit Report.
    b. Articles of Corporation
    c. Notarize
    d. Complete paperwork.

3. We personally deliver your paperwork to the City.

Si desea información sobre cómo obtener esta licencia sin tomar un examen por favor contáctenos al 786-518-2170