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Training Licensing Center works with the industry’s subject matter experts to create quality Construction Courses from the ground up. We are proud to be a Construction Industry Board, Registered Provider (0005207) and we also have approved Electrical Contractors Licensing Board (ECLB) providers.

Check out our online library to view a broad selection of construction CE continuing education online courses we have put together in order to facilitate the renewal of your license from the comfort of your home.

Our CE page system monitors student’s enrolment, participation and course completion by logging and tracking the date and time a student is given access to a course as well as record the date and time they complete the course. In addition, our system will also log each time the student logs out, keeping a running total of time the students spends in the course.


The construction industry includes many fields to choose from according to your qualifications and area of expertise. Training Licensing Center, offers preparation courses to better assist all contractors pursuing a state license. In the state of Florida, there are two boards; the construction board, and the electrical board.

All license categories in these two boards are composed of a two day exam:

• Part 1: Business and Finance

• Part 2: Trade knowledge

Business and finance is taken the first day. For this part of your exam, we offer a study guide which contains more than 600 questions only focused on Business and Finance. The second day is when trade knowledge takes place for the following categories:

Air Conditioning class “A”, and “B” • General, Building • ResidentialMechanical • Plumbing • Pollutant Storage System • Pool/Spa • Roofing • Sheet Metal • Solar • Specialty • Underground Utility Excavation Contractors

The courses include an Interactive Study Guide with more than 600 questions, answers and quizzes, the business books, and a book providing instructions on how to highlight and tab appropriately and efficiently. In addition, we provide you with 3 exam combinations with 120 questions each in order to serve the purpose of testing your knowledge in the business part of the exam.

Non Exam- Miami Dade License Other categories in Miami-Dade do not require any exam. With a one month process you can obtain your county license. Among these categories we have